How "Personalized Fitness for You" works:

After basic information is taken by phone, an initial training session is set up with Elizabeth Glaze. During that session your fitness level is evaluated, and your strengths and weaknesses, flexibility, posture, diet, personality, goals, exercise and medical history are all assessed. Your heart rate may be monitored and periodically you may be re-evaluated or re-tested.

Your tailored workout may include: 
Modern Calisthenics, Post-Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Exercises, Aerobic Forms of Exercise, Free Weights, Machine Weights, Resistance Stretch Bands, Pilates Floor/Mat Exercises, "Stability Ball" Exercises, Stretches or Yoga for flexibility, Suggestions for Diet and Healthy eating, and Ideokinesis (for posture correction).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much space do I need?
Answer- Enough to lie down and move arms and legs around.

Do I have to do an aerobic workout?
Answer- Not if it's going to make you dread exercising. It's more important to simply get you moving.

What if I don't have any equipment?
Answer- A workout can often be created with household items such as stairs, a chair, and soup cans. Eventually your progress and goals may make it necessary to invest in some sort of equipment.

What if I have pain from bad posture?
Answer- Elizabeth's "Stress-Free Posture" correction system focuses on that. Please turn to the next menu category titled "Posture Help."

What if I have a baby/child at home?
Answer- Elizabeth will help you keep them content during your workout.

Can I share my workout sessions?
Answer- Yes, and the cost doesn't change. This works best when both (or three of you) are at the same level of ability.

What if I can't afford weekly sessions?
Answer- You may want to workout every other week, once a month, or simply ask to have a program created for you.

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Fitness Client Testimonials:

"I had spent 1,000's of dollars on exercise, diets, and doctor's but continued to gain weight. When I began with Elizabeth she listened, researched, and helped me learn that what I'd thought was a self-discipline problem was actually a bio-chemical imbalance. I have lost, and kept off 43 lbs, re-built strength & energy, and attained a dress-size and sense of well-being that I have not had in 8 years. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I feel that Elizabeth saved me from a life of depression, chronic disease, and being overweight. I can't say enough to recommend Elizabeth."
Donna Britt

"I began training with Elizabeth in August and it's now March. With her help, I've lost 30 pounds, 18 inches and lowered my cholesterol by 40 points. At the same time I've developed muscle and tone where I wanted it and managed to reach a level of strength I didn't know I was capable of." 
Dr. Michael Weaver M.D.

"Elizabeth seems to have combined occupational therapy and physiology under the guise of "Personal Trainer." She has helped me with my fitness routine, diet, vitamins, walking posture and car seat posture. She offers a concern and a wealth of information which I realize is difficult to find in this day and age."
Dorrie Gordon

"She's been my trainer for 9 years. She's the weekly force that keeps me exercising and drags me back when I go astray. I broke my ankle and she found ways to work around it so I wouldn't lose all my conditioning. She encourages me to workout between visits. I think of her as a creative "movement-problem" solver.
Sheila Akers

"Thanks for whipping me into shape! I'm looking forward to a lean and fit new year.
Diane Hickox

"Two hip replacements have limited my exercise for the past ten years. At age 92, I've regained stamina, strength and flexibility working with Elizabeth. She manages to find creative ways to work around the limitations of my hips and I feel better about my health as a result."
Emma Lou Benignus

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