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"Stress-Free Posture" Lessons:
For people who fight a constant battle with muscle ache, tension and stress from inefficient posture.

One-to-One Lessons in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

  • Posture Affects Job Performance.
  • Posture Affects How Others Perceive us.
  • Posture Affects Our Self-Confidence.
  • Posture Correction Requires a Coach.
  • Posture is a Habit.


How "Stress-Free Posture" training works:
One-to-one lessons are highly personalized but usually include a tailored combination of gentle stretches, breathing exercises, simple strengthening exercises and *Ideokinesis.

Step One
"Posture Analysis"

Students learn some basic anatomy, and their personal posture, alignment and movement weaknesses are analyzed and explained to them. Polaroid photos, drawings and a video camera are often used as visual aids.

Step Two
"Strength & Stretch"

Elizabeth introduces the student to very basic stretching and strengthening exercises. These are tailored to their needs, goals and motivation level.

Step Three
"Neuromuscular Re-Programming"

The student learns to improve posture and body alignment by using
*Ideokinesis. For this, Elizabeth suggests very carefully targeted images for them to think about. The student focuses on the imagery-first while relaxing, then while sitting, standing, and moving. This imagery affects the brain signals that initiate muscle-movement. As the muscles around joints begin to work more efficiently they move the bones into better balance, and the entire body benefits. Polaroid photos or video may be used to help students understand the changes that take place.

TAKE NOTE! *Indeokinesis offers other benefits! Because it has elements similar to meditation and self-hypnosis it also calms the nervous system, resulting in a slowdown of breathing, pulse rate and blood pressure. This makes *Ideokinesis an extremely effective and time efficient skill to practice at work or at home.

* What is "Ideokinesis"?:
Because posture habits are unconscious it is virtually impossible to alter them consciously. However, with carefully targeted mental imagery you can tap into your unconscious to improve posture habits. "Ideokinesis" is a 70 year old method named by Dr. Lulu Swigard, Phd. and perfected by her at The Julliard School and Columbia University. The method replaces inefficient neuromuscular habits with new, improved ones.

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About the Instructor:

Quote from The Philadelphia Inquirer:
"As a rule, nature wants you to stand up straight. If you begin tilting, if your spine bends to one side, other parts of your body will pull or tilt in the other direction to compensate, says Glaze. These countervailing forces and curves create your "personal stress points," which are often manifest as headache and pains in the neck or lower back."
Philadelphia Inquirer, Art Carey, Nov. 1997

Elizabeth Glaze
Elizabeth has taught group posture courses at Temple University, West Jersey Health System Hospital, Immaculata College, and other locations. She has been featured in the Health & Science section of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Elizabeth has been a Personal Trainer and Posture Coach since 1980. She incorporates elements of fitness training and physical therapy style exercises into the "Stress-Free Posture." She studied Ideokinesis with a protegee of the late Dr. Sweigart, Phd.

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Posture Client Testimonials:

"After major posture changes, I had immediate relief from constant lower back pain. I continue to use the exercise program to strengthen my back and maintain posture."
Jean S.

"My neck, shoulders and back continue to improve. The basic stretches, simple exercises and Ideokinesis imagery really do work."
Mercedes T.

"The class certainly did meet my expectations, and even surpassed my expectations."
A Temple University Student

"I came to Elizabeth with backache. She treated me as an individual. That individuality is what helped me."
Arthur G.

"What I liked most was the simple easy ways in which to relax, and ways to relieve pain and stress through easy exercises."
A Temple University Student

"I think that I have benefited from many of the techniques we've learned. In particular the breathing exercises, the various movements and the imagery. I will apply and remember most because they were well explained and made easy."
A Temple University Student

"During the course of my first pregnancy I had a great deal of back pain and nervous anxiety. Twice a week, Elizabeth would calm me down, correct my increasingly pregnant posture and soothe my back pain with a combination of stretches, strengthening exercises, relaxation and Ideokinesis imagery. I believe she helped me a great deal. What's more, her posture lessons must have made a deep impression, because I still find myself using Ideokinesis images that she gave me-and our last lesson was in 1986! I've even used them to help my children relax!"
Lynn Weissman

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