A note from Elizabeth:
“Health is an on-going process related to lifestyle choices.  You can improve it or ignore it.  Your personal road to better health will be different from anyone else; you will have challenges unique to you.  Overcoming those challenges can bring increased energy and strength, deeper sleep, a clearer mind, greater resistance to disease, and increased sense of well being. The tools to get there are available. To use them or not is up to you.”

Elizabeth Glaze has been a 1-to-1 in-home Personal Fitness Trainer since 1980, and worked with well over 300 clients, each with different needs.  Originally based in Manhattan, she has been training clients in the suburbs of Philadelphia since 1988.

Fitness Training:

  • American College of Sports Medicine “Certified Exercise Physiologist” (EP-C)
  • American Council on Exercise “Certified Personal Trainer” (CPT)
  • American Council on Exercise “Orthopedic Exercise Specialist”
  • Trained in Ideokinesis Technique for posture correction
  • Former professional ballet dancer, trained at Balanchine’s School of American Ballet in NYC, and The Royal Ballet School in London.

Other Training:

  • Certified Brain Health Coach with Amen Clinic (CBHC)
  • Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor (CMTA)
  • Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (CFDNP)

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Elizabeth specializes in working with mature women and couples. She uses an entire body approach to fitness (“whole-istic”), and counter balances strengthening with stretching. Her fitness training sessions are tailored to the individual, she has experience with a large variety of different exercise forms, and she draws from them as needed for each client.

She has a reputation for “out of the box” creativity in devising exercise programs.  Clients have worked with her after knee surgery, hip replacement, double bunion surgery, broken ankles, broken wrists, stroke, mastectomy surgery, back problems, shoulder problems, for balance issues, diabetes issues, and she worked a client with MS — for 11 years.

For clients interested in more detailed, advanced, or complete guidance to better health, Elizabeth also offers:

  • Posture Retraining using neuromuscular imagery, “Ideokinesis”.
  • Dietary suggestions for whole, organic, and pasture raised foods.
  • Metabolic Typing to help clients learn what foods they are most likely to thrive on as individuals. Alternatively, she can also offer a DNA test for this purpose.
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) saliva and urine tests to evaluate adrenal and hormonal stress levels.  Blood and stool tests may also be recommended.
  • The ZOOMER food sensitivity test to detect problem foods that are not allergies.
  • Eye Exercises based on those created by Dr. William H. Bates, the “See Clearly Method”, and Yoga, to reduce eyestrain and strengthen eye muscles.

As a professional ballet dancer, Elizabeth spent a total of 9 years living in England, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The experience taught her the benefits of how old world countries prepare, and cook their foods for higher nutritional content. She recommends the Farm to Table approach to dining.

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