1-to-1 In-Home Personalized Fitness Training,
with Elizabeth Glaze

For clients in: the Main Line, King of Prussia, Blue Bell, Plymouth Meeting and Chestnut Hill areas outside of Philadelphia, PA.

  • General Fitness
  • Fitness After Fifty
  • Beginner Fitness
  • Post Physical Therapy Fitness
  • Fitness for Limited Physical Ability
  • Exercise for the Mature Golfer

Work out frequency options:
A. One or more times per week.
B. Short-term training for people needing instruction on new equipment, or requesting a set program to continue on their own. (Short-term clients may wish to ask for periodic “Check-ups”.)

How “Personalized Fitness” works for you:
After basic information is taken by phone, an initial training session is set up with Elizabeth Glaze. During that session your fitness level is evaluated, your strengths and weaknesses, flexibility, posture, diet, personality, goals, exercise and medical history are  all assessed.

Your tailored workout may include:
Modern Calisthenics, Pilates Floor/Mat Exercises, Free Weights, Resistance Stretch Bands, “Stability Ball” exercises, Physical Therapy rehab. based exercises, Machine Weights if you happen to have that option available in your home, Chair exercises, Stretches or Yoga for flexibility, and Guided Imagery to improve posture, balance, control, and alignment. Any aerobic or weight equipment that is available can also be utilized and built into the recommended program. Elizabeth encourages clients to do aerobic forms of exercise in or out of doors, in between sessions with her, but is happy to get them started, give them instruction, and supervise their progress.

Frequently Asked Questions:
“How much space do I need?”
Answer- Enough to lie down and move arms and legs around.

“Do I have to do an aerobic workout?”
Answer- Not if it’s going to make you dread exercising. It’s more important to simply get you moving.

“What if I don’t have any equipment?”
Answer- A workout can often be created with household items such as stairs, a chair, and soup cans. Eventually your progress and goals may make it necessary to invest in some sort of equipment like free weights, balls, or stretch bands, but it’s unlikely you’ll need expensive machinery.

“What if I have a baby/child at home?”
Answer- Elizabeth will help you keep them content during your workout.

“Can I share my workout sessions?”
Answer- Yes, and the cost doesn’t change. This works best when both, or three of you, are at the same level of ability.

“What if I can’t afford weekly sessions?”
Answer- You may want to meet with Elizabeth every other week, once a month, or simply ask to have a program created for you.