Fitness Client Testimonials:

“Elizabeth got me excited about exercise! While working with her, I lost weight, built muscle, and had fun doing it. Elizabeth has an excellent understanding of physiology and was able to tailor the exercises to build strength in my leg while not aggravating my past injury. She’s a fabulous trainer to work with!”
Jennifer Mayer

“I had spent 1,000’s of dollars on exercise, diets, and doctor’s but continued to gain weight. When I began with Elizabeth she listened, researched, and helped me learn that what I’d thought was a self-discipline problem was actually a bio-chemical imbalance. I have lost, and kept off 43 lbs, re-built strength & energy, and attained a dress-size and sense of well-being that I have not had in 8 years. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I feel that Elizabeth saved me from a life of depression, chronic disease, and being overweight. I can’t say enough to recommend Elizabeth.”
Donna Britt

“I began training with Elizabeth in August and it’s now March. With her help, I’ve lost 30 pounds, 18 inches and lowered my cholesterol by 40 points. At the same time I’ve developed muscle and tone where I wanted it and managed to reach a level of strength I didn’t know I was capable of.”
Dr. Michael Weaver M.D.

“Elizabeth seems to have combined occupational therapy and physiology under the guise of “Personal Trainer.” She has helped me with my fitness routine, diet, vitamins, walking posture and car seat posture. She offers a concern and a wealth of information which I realize is difficult to find in this day and age.”
Dorrie Gordon

“She’s been my trainer for 9 years. She’s the weekly force that keeps me exercising and drags me back when I go astray. I broke my ankle and she found ways to work around it so I wouldn’t lose all my conditioning. She encourages me to workout between visits. I think of her as a creative “movement-problem” solver.
Sheila Akers

“Thanks for whipping me into shape! I’m looking forward to a lean and fit new year.
Diane Hickox

“Two hip replacements have limited my exercise for the past ten years. At age 92, I’ve regained stamina, strength and flexibility working with Elizabeth. She manages to find creative ways to work around the limitations of my hips and I feel better about my health as a result.”
Emma Lou Benignus

“Elizabeth originally came to me as a Personal Trainer in 2002 by recommendation of a friend of mine. I was age 82 at the time, with scoliosis of the spine. I am now 99 and Elizabeth still keeps me moving, stretching, gently strengthening, walking up and down stairs, and even getting up and down off the floor on a weekly basis.  She has kept me moving rather than being sedentary, and I have a greater feeling of well being than I think I would have otherwise.”
Shirley Shils

Posture Client Testimonials:

“After major posture changes, I had immediate relief from constant lower back pain. I continue to use the exercise program to strengthen my back and maintain posture.”
Jean S.

“My neck, shoulders and back continue to improve. The basic stretches, simple exercises and Ideokinesis imagery really do work.”
Mercedes T.

“The class certainly did meet my expectations, and even surpassed my expectations.”
A Temple University Student

“I came to Elizabeth with backache. She treated me as an individual. That individuality is what helped me.”
Arthur G.

“What I liked most was the simple easy ways in which to relax, and ways to relieve pain and stress through easy exercises.”
A Temple University Student

“I think that I have benefited from many of the techniques we’ve learned. In particular the breathing exercises, the various movements and the imagery. I will apply and remember most because they were well explained and made easy.”
A Temple University Student

“During the course of my first pregnancy I had a great deal of back pain and nervous anxiety. Twice a week, Elizabeth would calm me down, correct my increasingly pregnant posture and soothe my back pain with a combination of stretches, strengthening exercises, relaxation and Ideokinesis imagery. I believe she helped me a great deal. What’s more, her posture lessons must have made a deep impression, because I still find myself using Ideokinesis images that she gave me-and our last lesson was in 1986! I’ve even used them to help my children relax!”
Lynn Weissman

Health Client Testimonials:

“Full disclosure here, Elizabeth is my wife!
Seven years ago, I began to have problems with prostate enlargement. It was non-cancerous, but I had to plan my days and car rides around visits to the bathroom. My PSA numbers were still relatively low, but were increasing.
Elizabeth helped me as a client. By using various test kits to find what she calls “blocking factors”, she helped me improve my diet, eliminate Toxic Heavy Metals, eliminate a parasite, improve my intestinal lining, and add important supplements to my routine. Six months later my PSA numbers were lower. At my twelve month check-up, my prostate doctor and his medical partner entered my examination room, sat down, and asked, “So what’s the magic pill that you’ve been taking?” They were so amazed that my prostate had gone down in size, without any treatment on their part, that they asked Elizabeth to visit their office so they could talk to her. So she did.”
Charles Searle

“When I first came to Elizabeth, I had problems with digestion, insomnia, chronic stress, and a lack of a menstrual cycle.  I was determined to improve both my short and long-term health and new I needed help from someone I could trust to guide me through the process. During our first month working together, Elizabeth asked me to fill out a number of forms and begin doing lab testing to get a full picture of my current health status. Through a number of surveys and roughly three labs, she helped uncover some deep-rooted and difficult-to-spot causes of my symptoms. These include a pathogenic bacterial overgrowth, poor absorption of nutrients and thus vitamin/mineral deficiencies, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, etc. Based on these labs, Elizabeth walked me through various natural supplement routines, a metabolic typing diet, and stress-management techniques. She also referred me to an acupuncturist. A year later I can feel how my health has shifted. My menstrual cycle returned, my digestive issues are gone, insomnia is a thing of the past, and I have learned how to more readily deal with stress. I cannot emphasize how young, vibrant, and healthy I feel after working with Elizabeth. She made the process of healing simple and worth the effort. She was helpful in explaining her process, what expected outcomes were, and how long healing would take. Elizabeth was always willing to answer my questions and made herself easy to contact. I would highly recommend that anyone dealing with similar or other chronic health issues get in contact with Elizabeth and begin feeling truly healthy again.”
Magda Belinski