Health Coaching can either be done in person in Plymouth Meeting, PA, or through a combination of Emails and Telephone consultations. Long distance clients are welcomed. You do not have to be a Fitness or Posture client in order to become a Health client.

For clients interested in more detailed, advanced, or complete guidance to better health, Elizabeth offers:

  • Dietary suggestions for whole, organic, and pasture raised foods.
  • Metabolic Typing* to help clients learn what foods they are most likely to thrive on as individuals. Is your system designed to thrive on a diet that is heavy in protein, or heavy in vegetables?  Or are you somewhere in between?
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)** is a method of helping people discover the root cause of health issues they are experiencing, by eliminating blocking factors one at a time until the body is able to find balance and repair itself.
  • Eye Exercises***** based on those created by Dr. William H. Bates, the “See Clearly Method”, and Yoga, to reduce eyestrain and strengthen eye muscles.

Dietary suggestions for whole, organic, and pasture raised foods:
As a professional ballet dancer, Elizabeth spent a total of 9 years living in England, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The experience taught her the benefits of how old world countries prepare, and cook their foods for higher nutritional content. She recommends the Farm to Table approach to dining.

Metabolic Typing* :
What if there was a way to determine if you are systemically meant to thrive as a Paleo or Atkins style meat eater, blossom as a full or semi-vegetarian, or find a healthy balance point between the two extremes?  And if it’s the latter, would your personal balance point be smack in the middle, or a little bit more towards one extreme, or the other? Cookie cutter diets do not work, because all of us are genetically, and chemically, different.  Eating against your type can cause a variety of health or blood sugar problems. MT is a way to determine which foods your body is designed to eat.

MT is an over 30 year old program, with a lengthy and detailed Advanced Questionnaire that can summarize which MT Type you are. Most of us go through life never paying attention to how we respond to the food we eat, good, bad, or indifferent. After receiving your MT Summary, you will be asked to strictly adhere to the recommended foods list for a minimum of two weeks.  You will keep track of your reactions to those foods before, during, and after meals, on daily journal sheets. These are the tools that will help you and your adviser tweak your recommended foods list for you as an individual.  Once that is done, you can gradually add other foods back in, one at a time, and observe whether you react well or badly to them.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)**
FDN Practitioners help clients try to get to the root of illness by discovering blocking factors that are throwing their Immune System off balance.  An FDN Practitioner will never diagnose or try to “treat” an illness or ailment, and is not meant to replace a doctor.  Instead, they educate the client in ways to help themselves. Available tests have a clear, logical sequence and, depending on what each result reveals, may progress from saliva, urine and hair, to medically supervised stool and blood tests, or requests to your primary physician for a vitamin D or other test.  By gradually working on removing one “blocking factor” at a time, clients typically begin to feel better and start to decrease their health problems.  One result of participating in FDN is that clients feel that they have more control over their bodies, a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and a better understanding of ways to maintain their health in the future.
The first step: Questionnaires that highlight which blocking factors need to be addressed, and suggest an order of approach from worst to easiest to deal with.
The second step:  Potential dietary changes, self care changes, life style changes. Depending on which areas of blocking factors need the most work: saliva, urine, blood, and/or stool tests may be recommended to gather specific details.  Those details may encompass everything from unrecognized food sensitivities, to low vitamin levels, or undiscovered bacterial and parasitic pathogens that are causing problems.

Eye Exercises***** based on those created by Dr. William H. Bates, the “See Clearly Method”, and Yoga, to reduce eyestrain and strengthen eye muscles.
Elizabeth first became aware of the benefits of eye exercises through her father, who used exercises from the Bates program to correct astigmatism in his own eyes for many decades.  As an adult, Elizabeth learned yoga eye exercises from Mark Becker in Manhattan, and became interested in the See Clearly Method DVD’s in the late ’90’s.